Diane Vee

Healing Stitches by Diane Vee

My name is Diane Vee. I am an artist and aspiring Art Therapist.  My vision is to bring healing to the world through the creative process of art. I believe that creating art is the ultimate expression of self. Each individual is brought to life for a purpose and life is about discovering that purpose. This website is dedicated to showcasing my personal artistic expression as well as spread the message of hope for healing.

Healing Stitches is an organization dedicated to spreading the message that art is fuel for healing. I am creating and selling arts and crafts in the name of healing. Profits will be used to purchase art supplies for children and adolescents in poverty.

Home-made potholders and hemp jewelry for sale!

If you would like more information, please feel free to contact me: healingstitches.dv@gmail.com

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Welcome to my New Website!

09/13/2014 00:00
I am proud to announce the launch of my website! Now anyone...